Friday 11th January, 2011

Through the Looking-Glass at 21:03 GMT by vataa

Through the Looking-Glass is the new set of glowing backdrops. 2 BIG pieces are on the way!

Thursday 23rd December, 2010

Mushy Christmas! at 20:22 GMT by vataa

Wednesday 15th September, 2010

Previous party: INTI RAYMI 2 @ DOBRA KARMA, Warszawa 24.09.2010 at 23:13 GMT by vataa

MAIN: RITMO [IONO Music/Tel Aviv, ISR] - live
Nois [AoV, Warsaw]
Silicium [NeverEndingStory, Gdynia]
Ochen [Lesna Szajka, Warsaw]
Primal Terror [Deepersense, Chorzow]
Havaya [Epilepsy, Warsaw]
No Logic [Epilepsy, Warsaw]

Vatamorgana backdrops at the party!

chaishop by Funia

visual by Ar2

Dobra Karma Club
Warszawa, ul. Górczewska 67

Thursday 4th February, 2010

Previous party: ATMOS'pheric' BIRTHDAY by Pulsar TranceFormation (15 lecie!) @ CBA, Warszawa 20.02.2010 at 21:19 GMT by vataa

Happy 15th Birthday to Pulsar TranceFormation crew!

Main Zone:

Atmos (Spiral Traxx. Sweden / Dj Set!!!)
Epix (Pulsar TF. / B-day set)
Kino Oko (Tribal Vision / Live!)
Komendarek (Pulsar TF. / Live!)
and more!

Vatamorgana backdrops at the party!

CBA Club
Warszawa, ul. Konopnickiej 6

Friday 18th December, 2009

Last party: V-te Urodziny Psylesia @ INQbator Club, Katowice 22.01.2010 at 11:12 GMT by vataa

Happy 5th Birthday to Psylesia Crew!
Main stage with vatamorgana backdrops!

Watch for vatamorgana fluorescent store @ this party!

INQbator Club
Katowice, ul. Dworcowa 2

Monday 23rd November, 2009

Last Party: Ego Drop @ Caryca Club, Krakow 4.12.2009 at 19:57 GMT by vataa

Long awaited psychedelic trance party in Cracow!
Main stage with never-seen-before vatamorgana backdrops!

Caryca Club
Krakow, ul. Wielopole 15

Monday 9th November, 2009

13.11.2009 The Twilight Party with J00F this Friday! at 22:21 GMT by vataa

John 00 Fleming (Global Trance Grooves, UK) first time in Warsaw @ Piekarnia.
My fluoro decos at main stage!

Warszawa, ul. Mlocinska 11
more info:

Tuesday 13th October, 2009

24.10.2009 Psychedelic Experience by Panzer Productions at 20:09 GMT by vataa

DJ Zeus (Roots / PointZero Records, Republic of South Africa) in Warsaw @ Mandala Club. Vatamorgana decorations at main stage!

Emilii Plater 9/11 Street, Warsaw

Wednesday 5th August, 2009

Electric Universe in Warsaw at MAE: 12.09.2009 at 18:46 GMT by vataa

Electric Universe will perform at Mystic Arts Event in September 2009 in Warsaw @ M25 Club.
Chillout & groove stage with my decos. More info Stay tuned!

Tuesday 4th August, 2009

vatamorgana store @ Bazar Mariana in Warsaw: 23.08.2009 at 16:30 GMT by vataa

More info: Bazar Mariana

Sunday 5th July, 2009

vatamorgana store @ TRANCEFUZJA Open Air: 11.07.2009, near Starogard Gdanski! at 13:46 GMT by vataa

New summer 2009 collection available now!
Find it on the second day (saturday) of Trancefuzja Open Air near Starogard Gdanski, Poland.

Monday 20th April, 2009

Incoming Party: 30.05.2009 - Mystic Arts Event @ M25 Club, Warsaw! at 23:10 GMT by vataa

Andromeda LIVE [Spiral Trax / Dream Vision Media, Sweden]
Chromosome LIVE [Transient / Dream Vision Media, Sweden] website:

Chillout stage with my decorations and some fluoro stuff. More info:

Saturday 7th February, 2009

Summer Clothes in vatamorgana store soon! at 0:22 GMT by vataa
The store reedition will take place on the turn of April and May 2009.
The time to purchase something new is getting nearer! Stay tuned.

Tuesday 6th January, 2009

Incoming Party: 17.01.2009 - Acid Tales @ INQbator, Katowice at 20:52 GMT by vataa

My decos at psychedelic trance party by Psylesia Crew. Drop in for more ->
with Dj Rawe (3D Vision Recordings, Czech Republic) at main stage.

Creative products available in vatamorgana store @ this party!

Wednesday 24th December, 2008

Mushy Christmas to all of You! at 13:30 GMT by vataa

Monday 10th November, 2008

Eco-friendly bags in gallery at 14:01 GMT by vataa
New 100% cotton bags waiting for you. Visit Artwork Gallery for more.

Friday 25th September, 2008

001 - Phantasy PHOTOS at 23:11 GMT by vataa
Photos from 001-Phantasy party with John Phantasm @

Wednesday 27th August, 2008

001 - Phantasy - incoming party with my decos at 19:24 GMT by vataa
John Phantasm (Phantasm Records, England)

20.09.2008 at psytrance party @ Club Sfinks, Sopot

All of you from the 3city are very welcome to my store @ this party! Prepare for the brand new fluoro stuff!

Tuesday 5th August, 2008

Vibrasphere live! in Poland at 23:03 GMT by vataa
Check out this band from Sweden at Progresja Club in Warsaw!

5.09.2008, Psytrance & progressive trance party with VIBRASPHERE (Tribal Vision Rec., Sweden) @ Club Progresja, Kaliskiego 15a, Warszawa

Watch for vatamorgana fluorescent store @ this party!

Tuesday 10th June, 2008

Paintings & backdrops at 23:03 GMT by vataa
Fresh paintings in the pool!

New backdrops are on the way. Stay in touch!

Wednesday 21st May, 2008

MAE is comming at 23:39 GMT by vataa

Saturday 12th April, 2008

Human Blue LIVE at 18:05 GMT by vataa
UPCOMING event with my backdrops and store:

23.05.2008, Mystic Arts Event with Human Blue LIVE (Spiral Trax / Transient Records, Sweden) @ Club Progresja, Kaliskiego 15a, Warszawa (psytrance party by Hallabanaha Crew)

More info:

Wednesday 2nd April, 2008

Past event at 20:27 GMT by vataa
Past party with my store:
11.04.2008, Goattraction III @ Club Discrete, Żurawia 6/12, Warszawa (psytrance party by Fantazja Crew)

Wednesday 19th March, 2008

Bags for sale! at 22:57 GMT by vataa
Brand new designer bags added to the Bags section. Check them out before they're gone!

Long-awaited backdrop Butterflies (150 x 200 cm, 2008, acrylic paints) added to the Backdrops section.

New t-shirts added to the T-shirts section.

Tuesday 18th March, 2008

Incoming party with my decos at 11:22 GMT by vataa
Orbital Tales @ Inqbator, Katowice, Poland. 28.03.2008 More info:

Monday 10th March, 2008

Spring Sale! at 23:26 GMT by vataa
NEXT store opening: 11.04.2008, Club Discrete, Warszawa.

vatamorgana store @ Club Discrete, Żurawia 6/12, Warszawa, Poland. 14.03.2008

Sunday 17th February, 2008

New designs & new items for sale! at 17:18 GMT by vataa
Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious tee, private
Lightning Seed backdrop, 100x150cm, SOLD!
Raspberry Shrubberry, painting on stretched canvas, 27x33cm, private
Sand Impressions, painting on stretched canvas, 40x50 cm, FOR SALE!
Trip Tech 3 paintings on stretched canvas, 40x150 cm, SOLD!

All designs in Artwork galleries.

Sunday 20th January, 2008

Busy at 16:10 GMT by vataa
4 projects are in progress, so be ready for some fresh stuff :)

Friday 28th December, 2007

Welcome to the Year 2008 at 12:05 GMT by vataa
Got any wishes? Don't hesitate to ask me about your dream art!

Sunday 9th December, 2007

Trip tech! at 17:09 GMT by vataa
New painting Trip Tech on stretched canvas (3 x 40x50cm). Sold immediately!

Wednesday 24th October, 2007

Love fun? at 12:20 GMT by vataa
Rainbowhued Fall (30x40cm) and Phloxes (40x60cm) are NEW fluorescent paintings ready FOR SALE!
Please visit (opens in new window)

Wednesday 3rd October, 2007

Creative Commons Licence at 09:48 GMT by vataa
All of my artworks are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Poland License.

Tuesday 2nd October, 2007

T-shirts, new but sold at 11:26 GMT by vataa
Maze and Butterface are new t-shirts in my collection but they've been sold out.

Friday 7th September, 2007

More backdrops and paintings photos! at 12:57 GMT by vataa
Feel the power of fluorescent world! (opens in new window)

Tuesday 4th September, 2007

T-shirts you've never seen before at 13:40 GMT by vataa
OCB, Be Mushy, The Sun the Star, Jim and others. Be the first. Buy one. Be original.

Wednesday 8th August, 2007

New website layout! at 22:14 GMT by vataa
Please take a Tour de Vatamorgana ;) All comments are very welcome here: (opens in new window)

Tuesday 31st July, 2007

HURRY UP! New paintings and backdrops for SALE! at 00:56 GMT by vataa
- Inside Outside, stretched canvas 30x30cm. 2006. FOR SALE!
- Green Breath, stretched canvas 24x30cm. 2007. FOR SALE!
- Ice Impressions, 40x50cm, 2007. FOR SALE!

There are some new photos of T-shirts and stuff as well:
- Shpongle Mask, size M, brown, 2007. SOLD
- OCB, women's top, size S, 2006. SOLD
- Ohm, CD case, 2005. SOLD
Don't miss out!

Sunday 17th June, 2007

New T-shirts FOR SALE! at 01:08 GMT by vataa
- Slippery Jack, 2007, long sleeve, black, size M. FOR SALE!
- Savant, 2007, yellow green, size M. FOR SALE!
- Mask Reloaded, 2007, dark blue, size L. SOLD

Wednesday 13th June, 2007

Choose YOUR OWN ART! at 02:21 GMT by vataa
Enjoy for a while the "Line To experimental" visualisation here:
Choose what you want for your own t-shirt or backdrop and send me a printscreen ;)

Thursday 7th June, 2007

New update! at 01:00 GMT by vataa
- African Sunset, stretched canvas 27x40cm, 2004. SOLD
Go to 'Paintings' in Artwork Menu to see what you have missed out.

Sunday 27th May, 2007

Photos of B&W backdrops coming soon! at 00:47 GMT by vataa
Those backdrops are sold, but you can see them on acid techno / hardtekk parties in Poland.

Wednesday 23rd May, 2007

NEW painting! at 14:24 GMT by vataa
- Bloom! - 36x46cm painting on stretched canvas made with acrylic paints, grits and flower flakes, 2007.
Don't miss out! Go to and have a look.

Tuesday 22nd May, 2007

New photos added to T-shirts and Backdrops galleries at 13:36 GMT by vataa
- Breaking the Matrix - long sleeve black t-shirt, 2007. SOLD
- Plug-in - brown t-shirt, 2005. SOLD
- Mushroom - black women's trousers, 2004. SOLD

- Spice - 98x152cm, violet backdrop with glow-in-the-dark dots, 2004. SOLD